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How to become a model in the UK?

Modelling UK, How To Become a Model in The UK

3rd December 2020

Do You Want to Learn How to Become a Model But Don't Know Where to Start?

With the modelling industry continuously changing and developing, there is now a great range of modelling areas that require different types of individuals. Not only is there a need for more variety, but there is also a need for the modelling of various body parts.

Here at New Idol Models, we have created a guide for you to become a model in the UK with some of the most popular types of modelling available.

Male Model

Looking for a guide to know how to become a male model in the UK?

When it comes to modelling, there isn’t a list of must-have requirements to determine whether a person is attractive enough to be a model. However, some typical features can help a male model stand out from the crowd.

These are:

  • Height – typically male runway models are at least six foot tall
  • Physically fit
  • Bright eyes
  • White teeth
  • Great skin

The personality of a male model can also have an impact when it comes to success. A model needs to be open-minded. Wearing make-up, shaving your hair, or modelling wild hairstyles can be asked for when doing shoots.

With modelling, confidence is key. Feeling confident in your skin makes you more appealing in castings. Remember, you represent a brand and its ethos; you need to show that the absolute best is the brand you are working with.

Female Model

Similar to male modelling, there isn’t a complete guide on what you must have to be a female model. However, there are typical demands that may be a make or break on whether you get the job.

Eager to know how to become a famous female model in the UK? Read below.

Female model requirements:

  • Height – typically between five foot 8 to five foot 11
  • Slender frame
  • Symmetrical features
  • Nice smile and teeth
  • Confidence in yourself and your modelling ability will make you more desirable in castings.

Plus-Sized Model

To become a plus-size model in the UK is now a thriving area in the modelling industry. No matter the body size, how do you become a model is a basic query most searches are loaded within the modelling industry. With many brands now diversifying and models with the ‘plus-size’ label becoming just as successful, there has been an increase in models wanting to become the next Ashley Graham.

Typical requirements for a plus-sized model:

  • Size 12-18
  • Tall
  • Confident personality

Body Part Modelling

The most common body part modelling is hands and feet. There are various niches in body part modelling, and many of you with specific body parts to showcase are still wondering, “How can I become a model?” Worry not. If you have a specific part of your body that you are proud of and that agencies are looking to hire for their brand promotion or photography, then all you need is to get the right training.

To become a hand model in the UK, you must have:

  • Slender, slim fingers
  • Smooth complexion with no blemishes or moles
  • Manicured and moisturised hands
  • Have steady hands

Hand models are used mainly for cosmetic brands to market their products. But sometimes, they can be used as a hand double for celebrities and other high profile people. A photoshoot, TV advert or a print campaign that requires a close up of a hand is where the hand models would step in.

Another body part that frequently is used for modelling is the feet. Foot modelling is often used as part of advertising for shoes, jewellery and beauty brands.

To know how to become a foot model in the UK, you need first to pay attention to the following requirements:

  • Manicured toes
  • Moisturised feet
  • Soft feet
  • Wear comfortable footwear away from shoots to keep feet in good condition
  • Avoid fake tan
  • A good diet to keep nails strong

A foot model needs to be able to create emotions through their positioning. Often the feet need to act sexy with their posing and presentation. A lot of thought goes into how the feet should appear on camera; one of the steps to know how to become a model in the UK is to note that it is essential to listen and act accordingly to get the right feet images. You must also exercise your feet to ensure their flexibility to cope with uncomfortable positioning.

Become Model UK

Modelling is an exciting yet very challenging industry to get into. With New Idol Models, we have the expertise in helping provide you with the best advice on how to become a professional model at the age of 11, 12, 13, 14 or below or at the age of 15, 16, 17, 23, 30 and above and marketing tools to navigate you through your modelling career in the UK and elsewhere. We are a model support service with over 12 years of experience in advising aspiring models and resolving their questions on how to apply to be a model in the UK.

If you would like to know how to become a model in London or you wish to get helpful guidance on how to start a modelling career in the UK, get in touch with us today; our team will be thrilled to help you reach your modelling potential.

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