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Advice For Parents

No matter what age your child is, their safety will always be a top priority for every parent. The fashion and modelling industry is fast-moving and can often make one feel too overwhelmed or lost. Whether it is your child who has approached you with the modelling idea or you took the initiative, in either of the cases, it is advisable to prepare your child for it before stepping into it. Ensure that you and your child are committed to working per industry norms and are willing to invest in the time.

If you have assessed your child's modelling ability and are ready to break into the industry, you have encountered the accurate agency - New Idol Models. We have years of experience with ample knowledge and expertise to guide you through the dos and don'ts of the industry. And hence, before we begin, we will assist you throughout on how to reach the right directors, agencies and avoiding scams.


Numerous pseudo agencies and artists are waiting to prey on unsuspecting children and parents as it is hard to look out for shady businesses. Hence, it is wiser to do your thorough research before approaching any agency. Any agency that charges you a joining fee or asks you for money before signing you with their agency is illegitimate. A reputed modelling agency earns through commission from the work your child receives. Note that managers and legit agencies would never ask for money upfront.

To save yourself from scams, you must research thoroughly. You can find out a lot about the agencies through a simple Google search. You must ensure that their websites are genuine. Nowadays, various authentic agencies have an online presence too. Social Media offers a fantastic tool to know more about the legitimacy of a modelling agency or institute. The internet and social platform can be a great source of information and opportunities but, it is also a place where several scam artists lurk. Also, reading reviews posted by previous or clients and models working with them can help you frame a judgment. Hence, proceed only when you find the agency trustworthy.

How To Avoid Scams?

If you feel that Internet and Social Media research is enough, at times, it may not be. There are certain aspects to take critical note of.

  • Whether you come across an agency advertisement online or in the local newspaper, avoid contacting companies who hide their address or contact number.
  • Read the contract carefully. Never sign a contract without understanding its contents.
  • A contract may include jargon or legal terms, which you may not understand. Hence, it is wiser to consult with a professional.
  • If you are not still comfortable with the agency or contract terms and legalities, do not feel pressured to sign it.
  • After signing the contract and having your child on board, ensure to build healthy relations with the agency. This will help you better understand the working and functionality of the shoot, and you will always be around your child.
  • Whether your child is below 18 or above, it is advisable to accompany them for shoots until they are comfortable. Attend every meeting or casting call and simply decline if you are asked to leave the room.
  • Always ensure the comfort and safety of yourself and your child and say No, if you aren't.

Types Of Scams

  • Street Scouts: Often, photographers, managers or agents approach you on the street, usually outside retail shops, whom they think may have the potential to become a model. They will click your photograph under the pretext of work and give you details of their cowboy agency. Such cowboy agencies will never find you any work or click your fancy images with which they would not promote you. Stay away and avoid street casting as they are, a majority of the time, not legitimate. It is wiser to check their portfolio or website before signing any contract.
  • Newspaper/Online Adverts: You will find a lot of attractive advertisements online or in your local newspapers and would wish to grab the opportunity, but that is certainly not the case. Such advertisements are only misleading. Such cowboy agencies would ask you first to pay a certain fee to sign with them or create a portfolio with low-quality images. Such illegitimate agents will neither try to cast you in roles nor link you with other agencies.

Connect with New Idol Models

The modelling world can be a roller coaster ride, and whether you are a beginner child model or a professional, it is helpful to have a shoulder to rely on! For parents, too, it can be a rewarding experience as well as a worrisome one. Hence, with our years of experience in the modelling field, we are confident that with New Idol Models, your child will connect with the proper agencies and get their foot in the door of the modelling world.

We will guide you throughout your journey and make sure we introduce you to all the pros and cons of the biz before you make a decision. At New Idol Models, we collaborate with agencies who specialise in child modelling; hence you can rest assured as we will ensure that your child enters into modelling safely and securely.

Have more queries and wish to know more? Connect with our expert yet friendly consultants by filling in our web form or call us on 020 7390 0457.

General Advice

If a business contacts you online claiming to be a model agency, you should always proceed with caution or claiming to be us. This is not how things are usually done. Aspiring models should only contact New idol models if they have done so through one of our official landing pages, which include the New idol models website or Facebook page Please always check the site's terms and conditions for this or Privacy Policy.

Ignore or report right away any individual or business posing as a model agency that sends a sexual or explicit message.Before an under-18 can begin modelling, it is standard procedure for a model agency or support service to obtain consent from their parents or guardians. We can verify that a person or business that claims they can skip this step is not a legitimate one—possibly even dangerous or a Scam.

New idol Modelst would never send a "Friend Request" from New idol Models, and no one will ever be invited to a Zoom call with a model. This also applies to other respectable businesses in the sector. We advise you to disregard either of these invitations if you receive them.

We never scout models or ask them to sign onto our books because New idol Models is a model support service rather than a model agency. We only go by the name "New Idol Models"