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How to become a female model in the UK?

Female Model, How to Become a Female Model UK

3rd December 2020

Do you have what it takes to become a female model? Do you see yourself walking the catwalk for a top brand or in a magazine advertisement?

This blog is here to advise you on how to become a female model in the UK.

The modelling industry is continuously changing, although the model requirements for females in the UK tend to remain the same. At New Idol Models, we are here to give you the best tips and guidance for females aged 14 or below and for all ages of 16, 17, or above to help you get an in-depth understanding of how to become a girl model and stand out and achieve success in the world of modelling. With our help and guidance to all younger and older female models, you could become the next top model brands are eagerly trying to hire.

Types of Female Modelling and the Requirements

The first thing to do when you are thinking about becoming a model is finding what type of modelling you want to get into. There are many options out there, so we have created a guide to advise you on how to start a modelling career as a female starting with - what the modelling area is and what requirements you need to achieve success in that area.

High Fashion

Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid are just a few of the models you may have seen on catwalk runways or promoting high-end brands. This type of modelling tends to be quite strict as the models represent a brand or fashion house.

Requirements – At least 5’9’’, slender frame, 50-57kg weight, healthy diet & glowing skin.


Commercial modelling requires a more relaxed look that will appeal to the average person. This type of modelling requires models to promote brands latest designs online and in-store, and will also need to appeal to customers. Read below for the requirements to get athe know-how to become a commercial female model.

Requirements - This can be quite varied as it depends on the brand itself and its demographic. Typically the female model in the UK needs to be tall, have a pleasant smile, symmetrical features and a slender frame.

Petite Modelling

Younger or older female models with small frames are desired for this type of modelling. Brands may look for a model with a more petite look to promote their clothing.

Requirements – 5’1’’ -5’7’’ in height and a small build.

Plus-Sized Models

While the β€˜plus-size’ label has been under much scrutiny due to the negative correlation with body image. While it can leave doubt about how to become a female model, the plus-size modelling industry has seen an increase. Models like Ashley Graham have broken the mould of typical skinny models and shown the beauty of a curvier figure.

Requirements – Size 12 or higher, beautiful skin, healthy hair and nails.

Glamour Modelling

Glamour modelling is for body confident females. Often modelling in lingerie, these type of models need to be able to pose provocatively and be entirely comfortable with exposing their body.

Requirements – Over 18 years old, large chest, slim waist, healthy hair, smooth skin and a beautiful face.

Fitness Modelling

If you want to become a fitness female model London, you must have a toned muscular physique. Fitness models must have a passion for the health and fitness industry to stick to body upkeep. Often fitness models have an expertise in a particular sport or exercise to appeal for related modelling opportunities.

Requirements – Toned six-pack, large biceps, firm thighs, an excellent diet and a stringent exercise routine.

Body Part Modelling

Body part modelling focuses on one particular attractive body part. This can often be legs, hands or feet. It is essential to keep on top of the appearance of the body part, including no blemishes, scars, or bruises, etc. If you are keen to know how to become a body part model, you first need to identify which part of your body you are proud of and wish to use it for being a model in the UK.

Requirements – No blemishes, scars, bruises, etc. Well-kept and moisturised. Legs are required to be toned and smooth.

New Idol Models - Professional Model and Talent Management Company in the UK

United Kingdom female models is a growing area for successful models across the UK. New Idol Models are here to provide you with the tools and guidance guidance to understand how to become a female model in the UK help propel your career into modelling. With several years of experience, we have helped many newbie models break into the modelling industry.

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Getting into modelling is difficult, so you must have the ambition and determination to succeed. With New Idol Models, we collaborate with some of the top casting agencies and agents to help you seek opportunities within the modelling industry and equip you with all the knowledge on how to be a female model in the UK and everything you need to know. Modelling companies are continually looking for the best β€˜United Kingdom model female,’ so get in touch with New Idol Models, and we will help you begin your career in modelling.

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