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The Secret Modelling Profession: Hand Models

Modelling UK, How to get Into Modelling in UK

2nd February 2023

Twirl with your Hand

Have you received compliments for how beautiful your hands are or how graceful it looks when you hold an item? Lucky you, this is not an easy praise to earn, and all thanks to your genetics, you can twirl and flick your fingers and yet make it look beautiful. Since your hands and fingers get all the attention, why not consider hand modelling as a career? The thought of a disembodied hand holding an item may seem bizarre, but the same thought never passes your head when you stare at a beautiful hand advertising perfume in a magazine. An elegant and flawless hand or fingers holding a product itself is mesmerising.

Companies are desperate for hand models who can elegantly hold or demonstrate their products. Being able to promote a material without showing your entire body and just your hands is a competitive skill not everyone possesses. So, make the best use of your hands and strive for hand modelling in the UK, which holds plenty of opportunities for you to grow in the industry, such as the New Idol Model, which opens doors for aspiring models.

As a hand model, you will have to ensure your hands and fingers are taken care of. Your hands are frequently used and subconsciously get worn out when little maintenance is given to them. Skincare routines for your hand ensure they remain flawless and also picture-ready. This way, you can be ready during a flexible schedule and provide companies with the content they are looking for to advertise their product.

Steps to being a Hand Model

Having beautiful hands alone does not warrant a ticket to hand modelling. Each company demands something unique from hand models, and being aware of industrial requirements helps you gain better insights into how you must model with your hands.

How to become a hand model can mean different to men and women. But here are some of the steps you can follow to ensure you can successfully get selected by a modelling agency.

Here are a list of the areas and a brief description of each type of modelling:

  • Be confident of your hands:

    Flexing your hands and fingers naturally to look elegant should be the key to a successful hand modelling career. Evaluating your hands and having clarity on your skin, nails, and the health of your hands can help you move forward.

  • Practice is Key:

    If you are pursuing a career in hand modelling, then you can find several demonstrations online that you can use to practice or approach reputable agencies like New Idol Model for guidance.

  • Building a Portfolio:

    With your photogenic and picture-perfect hands, you must aim at creating a captivating portfolio. Hiring a photographer or by yourself or using the help of agencies like New Idol Model to get the perfect pose and background to enhance your hand features can be helpful.

  • Maintaining Flawless Hands:

    We use our hands to carry out all of our daily tasks. But between all this, maintaining and caring for your hands shouldn't be the second priority. Upkeeping the condition of your hand can help you get better offers over time.

  • Applying to agencies:

    If you have passed all the previous steps, this step shouldn't fret you. After thorough deliberation, it is worth applying to be a hand model to trusted agencies to ace your shot in the industry.

  • Be consistent and Keep it Going:

    Once selected, keep up the confidence, become consistent in your routine, and care for your hands. Rest, the companies will guide you to execute the poses and products with your hands.

Hold Onto These Skills

The confidence in having beautiful hands and demonstrating poses and movements with your hands gracefully should be the utmost skill you must possess in order to become a hand model. Apart from this, you can also check if you have the following skills to become a professional.

  • It is essential for you to maintain balance and hold your hands still while advertising and endorsing a product. The camera is looking for a steady pose, and remaining sturdy throughout the session is a plus point for you to include.
  • Certain poses may seem uncomfortable and challenging to hold. But keeping composure throughout and being relaxed is a skill set not everyone can claim to own.
  • Some products will involve more than just a single frame shot but also the involvement of other body parts in it. For example, presenting a shaving set will include a shot of shaving some other part of the body, preferably the face or leg; thus, synchronising your hands accordingly is a skill to hold on to.
  • The ability to follow directions and execute the poses in the desired manner is a major asset of an aspiring hand model.
  • Last but not least, possessing and maintaining flexible, strong and flawless hands.

Picture Perfect Hands with New Idol Model

Who is better at digging out your potential than experts in the modelling industry? With the demands and trends changing rapidly, you need to keep up the pace and execute what you are best at and to help you out with the rest, you can rely on a leading hand modelling agency to help you out with the rest.

New Idol Model is a professional modelling agency that actively promotes hand models and helps them find opportunities that can boost their careers in the industry. That's not all; they also provide all the necessary guidance and support to prepare hand models to be experts in the field.

Hand modelling is a competitive and lucrative part of the modelling industry. To be part of it can be life-changing. Since companies are in need of proficient hand models, getting in touch with them through our professionals in New Idol Model can be a better solution.

So, if you wish to expand your domain and be part of hand modelling in the UK, then ensuring you are on the right track by getting in touch with our consultants and experts can get you a long way.

Get in touch with us today if you want to learn how to start modelling; we aim to speed up the process and get you noticed! Call 0207 390 0457 or email us at [email protected].

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