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Parts Modelling- a Niche Brands Crave for

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26th July 2022

The Unexplored Modelling Path

Everyone has an undiscovered model in them. But did you automatically assume the term model to be associated with a ramp-walking model? Do not limit your thinking of modelling just to fashion modelling, and think out of the box. Certain parts of your body may look prettier and more outstanding than those around you. This type of modelling is called parts modelling, a niche less explored.

The fashion and cosmetic industry are never limited to couture aesthetics. Some brands wish to represent their product or service by just utilising a specific part of your body. Your sleek fingers, expressive eyes, unique face, perfect body proportions, or elegant model legs can make you the front of several brands. For cosmetic companies, your face features would be emphasised more, whereas footwear companies would feature your legs.

Toni Mahfud, a model famous for his attractive eyes and face proportions, and Nina Taylor, a hand model, have sealed deals with prestigious agencies and companies. They have succeeded with proper guidance after taking their time to realise their modelling capacities. There certainly must be a part of your body that more than one person has complimented. If you think that part of your body has charm, why not try parts modelling?

Are You A Hair Or Face Model?

From a brand’s perspective, the product or service they wish to sell needs to be appealing and must entice the audience by using a suitable model for it. Faces with sharp features and hair with a seamless flow are always on the top priorities of cosmetic and hair companies to represent their product. As an aspiring model, do you have the looks for face modelling? Or the luscious hair for hair modelling? Let’s discover.

  • Face Modelling – What made Shaun Ross famous isn’t what made Winnie Harlow or Marquita Pring famous. Their imperfectly perfect features stand out uniquely from other models. Seeing yourself in the mirror daily might not help you determine your unique charm, but when several people compliment your face, you know you have it in you.
    Face modelling requires a lot of dedication and passion for taking care of your skin, diet, and using makeup to bring out your beauty. Brands like Mac, Maybelline, Neutrogena, and Cetaphil are just a few famous companies that require face modelling to exhibit their products. Now that you know the scope of face modelling, you can confidently dive into it if you check out all the requirements to be one.
  • Hair Modelling – Do people often touch or caress your hair? Do they ask what the secret behind it is? Then this is your sign to realise that your hair stands out from the rest and has its own identity of attracting people. In many historical references, hair has been mentioned as the essence of beauty, and fortunately, the tradition remains.
    Hair modelling helps brands promote hair care products, salons and hairstylists. With tame hair, your hair can serve as the portfolio of several companies that will then display it in magazines, mass media, and social media. If you aspire to be in hair modelling, taking care of its texture and health from the root to its tip is the basic necessity.

Which body part model should you be?

The above description shouldn’t scare you away as parts modelling is not limited to faces and hair. Like we said before, your hands, legs, feet and body as a whole have the potential to be a model. This unexplored modelling niche is luckily the most demanded and, thus, your golden ticket to be part of the modelling industry. If you are considering body part modelling, here are the perks you need to know about each body part.

  • Hands Modelling – For female hands, it should be flawless, smooth and kempt. The nails should be well trimmed and natural. For male hands, it should be equally neat with minimal hair.
  • Legs Modelling – Your legs must be long, shapely, soft and have no blemishes. The visibility of veins should be minimum.
  • Feet Modelling – Feet is used mainly by footwear companies. In that case, your feet must be neat and have no tan or other flaws. Toes are even, and nails trimmed.
  • Body Part Modelling – Body part modelling is acceptable in any size and tone. But the skin must be even, flawless and proportional. Minimal muscular visibility for women and defined fit muscularity for men.

To succeed in part modelling, you must love your body, embrace each part, and one day, a part of you will appear in famous fashion and modelling magazines.

How can experts at New Idol Model guide you?

The flawless parts of your body deserve the spotlight. But to be part of parts modelling, you will need the help of a company that can train you and guide you professionally. Our team of experts has years of industry experience and a distinct idea of what big brands demand from their models.

With abundant knowledge and support services, New Idol Model assists aspiring models in forming their techniques and launching their careers with big agencies. Parts Modelling in the UK has the opportunity to be part of several industries, and with us, you can gain all the confidence and empowerment you need to be a successful one.

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