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Modelling for Beginners – UK Edition

Modelling, How to begin a Modelling Career

3rd December 2020

Those wanting to follow their dreams to become a model often find they have no idea where to begin. After all, the modelling industry can be daunting and full of unrealistic promises.

Fear not!

We are here to provide you with a full modelling for beginners guide to help you every step of the way.

As long as you have the determination and are committed to putting in the hard work, we believe here at New Idol Models, that you can reach your modelling dream!

Find Your Model Niche

The modelling industry is extremely diverse. There are many categories out their specialising in a variety of niches and departments. The main eight categories are:

Each modelling type looks for particular requirements that the model must have. While these are sometimes not essential, they do provide a basic guideline on what they are looking for.

High fashion modelling is the most difficult to get into due to its strict rules. The likes of Karlie Kloss, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are some names you may recognise in being in the high fashion modelling industry. Commercial modelling is seen more in magazines advertising certain brands.

Catalogue modelling types are more relaxed with the industry looking for models that the audience can connect with. Fitness is designated for active, muscular models and glamour is aimed at those who are body confident and willing to model in lingerie.

Plus-size and petite modelling are for those with a specific body type. Lastly, body part modelling focusses on different body parts including hands, feet and legs.

Take an in-depth look into each area and see what category appeals to you. Remember also to be realistic, high fashion, for example, is challenging to be selected for but it is not impossible.

Finding an Agency

Great! You have found the area you want to work in.

Next up, is finding an agency.

Finding an agent can be a discouraging and a confusing venture. However, their network within the industry will improve your chances of securing auditions and casting calls significantly.

Like New Idol Models, you can choose to find an experienced company within the industry to help you find the best agency for your modelling type.

Research to find reputable agencies. Have a thorough search. Once you have found one that appeals to you, find out how you apply. Make sure to keep your options open to avoid disappointment.

Often, agencies require a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of professional images in a range of shots, angles and poses to capture what you are like as a model. This is their first impression, so these must be taken by a professional.

Attending a Casting Call

For a beginner in modelling, you may have no idea how a casting call works.

We are here to explain!

Once you have signed with an agency, you will start being required for casting calls.

Casting calls are like interviews for modelling. When an opportunity comes to light that is suited to you, your agency will contact you.

When attending the casting call, you must wear simple tight-fitting clothes to show your figure. Usually, these are jeans/leggings, a t-shirt, pair of heels and natural hair and make-up. On some occasions, they may ask you to wear a specific outfit.

You tend to be waiting around for a long time, so make sure to bring something to keep you entertained.

When you are called, you may be required to show off your catwalk depending if this is for a fashion show. Make sure to provide them with an image of your face. They will then assess your appearance to see if you fit what they are looking for.

This whole process will pass very quickly. To see if you have got the modelling job, you may have to wait for a phone call.

Why Choose New Idol Models?

Searching online for modelling for beginners near me? You have come to the right place. At New Idol Models, we work with new aspiring models to help them find a reputable modelling agency to work with.

With over ten years of experience in the modelling industry, our team have built a network full of connections with a variety of casting agencies and agents. Whatever modelling type you want to get into, give us a call, and we will help you get there!

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