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Is Getting a Tattoo Going to Hurt Your Modeling Career?

Modelling, Getting a Tattoo Going to Hurt?

7th January 2022

Can you start a modelling career with a tattoo? For many aspiring individuals looking to get into modelling, this is one of the most daunting questions. After all, you might have gotten inked very young. As a result, you might be cautious about whether you can get into modelling or not.

The good news is that you very much can! In fact, there is an entire modelling industry dedicated to tattoo modelling. Here is everything you need to know about whether getting a tattoo will hurt your career or not:

The Most Probable Scenario - Tattoo Modelling

Tattoo Modelling has received a lot of recognition recently, with more people popping up with tattoos. It is used almost everywhere, especially in the fashion industry. Companies and brands want to showcase their clothes, ornaments, accessories, or jewellery on tattooed people.

In other words, it is to show whether a person with tattoos look good or not in the clothes. Most often, it is a stunning appearance. The appeal of the ink is quite unparalleled. More on that later.

So, what are the requirements to get into modelling with a tattoo?

The Requirements For Tattoo Modelling

A tattooed model is a person who has to meet the exact requirements of the standard model. You need to be physically tall with well-defined features and attributes. Physical fitness is of utmost importance. You need to have professional experience, or at least, a portfolio to make up for the gig, among other things.

Male and females would often have to meet the same beauty standards. However, the more appropriate tattoos you have, the better. Some people with face tattoos might have a more challenging time getting into the role. However, they can establish a unique niche and even use mediums like social media to thrive.

The Appeal Of The Ink - Critical Balance

The appeal of an inked body is otherworldly. A tiny tattoo here and there might not be as great as a bunch of tattoos covering the sleeve, neck or other parts. However, there is something unique, an undefined allure to all these tattoos. Therefore, if you want to get into modelling with a tattoo, you need to understand and recognize this charm.

Some people take it to the next level and get their entire bodies tattooed. Then, while it is still possible to get gigs, you reduce the changes.

Therefore, remember these points:

  • The more meaningful your tattoo is, the better it will get for you.
  • If you have culturally or religiously appropriate tattoos, it is even better.
  • Try not to go overboard and turn into an otherworldly looking creature like lizardmen or something with tattoos.

Finding the balance between having that appeal of the ink or overwhelming with the ink is quite delicate. Some models look fantastic with tattoos covering their bodies, with clothes on and such. However, it is not for everyone.

Don’t Get A Tattoo If You Don’t Want It.

Another great point to remember is that you shouldn’t get a tattoo just to start a modelling career. If you can’t find gigs and want to stand out, tattoos can be a great asset, but not always. So make sure that it holds meaning for you to get a tattoo. Otherwise, there are always permanent tattoos available for the skin.

This being said, having clean skin is always more appealing and preferable. As mentioned, you can always get temporary tattoos for the shoots. Therefore, if you are not getting into tattoo modelling specifically, or getting a tattoo for something meaningful, stay away from it.

Turn It Into A Positive Asset

Now, as mentioned above, if you already have a tattoo, you can still get into modelling. All you need to do is highlight it and show it off. Most likely, you will find some great gigs for tattoo modelling.

Follow a roadmap. Try to approach it in the same manner as you would approach authentic modelling. Make connections, socialize, attend parties, set up a professional portfolio and much more.

As long as you accept your tattoos and play them to the strength, you can still start a modelling career.

The Bottom Line Is - Tattoos Are Fine

Getting a tattoo isn’t going to hurt your modelling career in any way. Sure, you might not get as many gigs right from the start. However, if you keep a similar approach to standard modelling, you can still make it.

Correlatively, you can take the help of platforms like New Idol Models that work in the field to get you more exposure and offers. However, modelling isn’t easy as it is. So, while clean skin is preferable, having a tattoo is still acceptable in today’s modern world to get into modelling.

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