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From the outside world, the fashion industry may look all about glints and glamour. Still, to tap into the industry from within, you will need mentoring from people who have years of experience and expertise in the functioning industry.

The first and foremost important step as a beginner is to get a photoshoot done. A high-quality photoshoot done in a focused and detailed manner by professional photographers is a must. It is the first stepping stone to build a strong foundation in the modelling industry. Professional-looking photos help make your portfolio or eBook, which in turn helps shape your career.

If you feel that a photoshoot and portfolio are sufficient enough for you to grab an opportunity in the modelling field, then you are certainly mistaken. There are many steps to be taken, and with New Idol Model by your side, we would not let you walk the road yourself.

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New Idol Model’s consultants are here to guide you. Right from the first photoshoot and up until you are signed by an agency or casting agency, we will keep supporting you. From simple everyday questions, insightful tips and hacks, and helping you with casting calls, our expert yet friendly and dedicated aftercare team of modelling consultants will assist you in every aspect possible. Our team will provide incredible and comfortable aftercare services under our Platinum After Care Services.

At New Idol Models, you can trust and depend on us entirely. We want to ensure that you enter the industry safely. For this purpose, we have collaborated with various leading and prominent modelling agencies across the UK so that you are secure and not misguided in the industry.

We guide you all from photoshoots to creating a portfolio, eBook or a Z card, and finally having you on board with leading agencies. For more details and queries regarding our Platinum After Care Services for models, you can fill in our web form or call us on 020 7390 0457, and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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