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Why do you need a Portfolio?

If you are new to the world of fashion and modelling and looking to kickstart your career, then an essential thing as a beginner is to create your portfolio. How else would you market and advertise your skills to potential agencies and clients without a portfolio in place? Have you heard or tried the recruitment process in the corporate field, which requires the submission of a CV? Well, the same goes for the model industry as well.

A portfolio is nothing but your Model CV. A portfolio or a CV is a collection of your photographs or previous work done, professionally showcasing your skills and versatility in front of the camera. As the model industry is highly lucrative, it involves fierce competition as well. In such a scenario, a portfolio helps agencies screen from the crowd and shortlist you based entirely on a judgement framed by assessing your portfolio.

Therefore, one should create a compelling portfolio, setting you apart and convincing and attracting incredible work opportunities! There are many ways to make your portfolio, presenting your talents and outshining others. Let us guide you through a few!

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Printed Portfolio

A printed or a physical portfolio is more like a book or a magazine with your collection of professional shot photographs. Depending on your niche and modelling type, a printed booklet should cover all sorts of requirements such as a balance of headshots, full-length images and three-quarter images. You can also add a page including all necessary information such as height, weight, dress and shoe sizes and measurements, further clarifying and augmenting your portfolio.

Your printed portfolio must be as precise and crisp as possible, covering all possible details about you. It shall portray your work and shall be updated yearly. You can easily carry this collection of photographs for your casting interviews or to model agencies and hand it over to the concerned authorities allowing them to flick through the images, elucidating your work better.

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Digital Portfolio

How To Make a Modelling Portfolio

Digital Modelling Portfolio

Just like a printed portfolio, a digital portfolio is also a compilation of images on a disk. The disk contains all the selected and chosen shots from your shoot. Unlike printed portfolios, you can easily carry the digital portfolio and share it with as many agencies or casting directors without the hassle of printing one or numerous copies.

Not only this, in a digital portfolio, you can always edit, re-touch, resize, crop or discard and re-update your portfolio, as per the requirements of the agency. This makes your work easy without the worry of re-printing the whole book. It also gives you the benefit of sharing it via emails to multiple people over and over again.

eBook Folio

If you haven't thought of launching your work online, then it is about time that you spur open this thought. Skip the idea of having an ordinary portfolio as we cannot stress how important it is to build an online presence. With social media booming and everyone connecting through the tip of their fingers, by creating a charismatic ebook, you can avail yourself of global opportunities and manage your portfolio without a modelling agency.

Choose an online platform, select your niche and target audience, select your theme, upload your pictures and manage your online portfolio - that's all it takes to self-market and promote your craft. You need to ensure that your profile is uncluttered and maintained up to date. With the help of high-quality images and a dedicated professional online portfolio, you can also target freelance modelling jobs. Also, mention your contact and email address for casting directors or agencies to contact you quickly.

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How can New Idol Models help?

Are you an aspiring model unaware of the nitty-gritty involved in the modelling biz? Well, there are certainly no ladders to reach the top in one go, but with our help, you will undoubtedly scale up swiftly. Welcome to New Idol Models UK, a model management support service, an ally you need to make you reach accurate clients and work in this fast-moving modelling industry.

It is easy to get a photoshoot done, but the challenging part is to get it in a focused and professional manner. By this, we mean that your portfolio shall represent you. It should reveal how you carry yourself, your attitude, personality, and versatility in front of the camera. From photoshoots to choosing the most accurate images, building your portfolio, to finally connecting you with opportunities, we manage it all for you.

If you want to establish an impressive start for your modelling career, then we are here to give you the boost. All you have to do is connect with our consultants about our portfolio services, and we will guide you through all details.

Connect with us on 020 7390 0457 or fill in our website form - Let's get you started!

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