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How to become a male model in the UK?

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3rd December 2020

In the last four decades, male modelling has become just as significant as female modelling in the UK. There are now many household names out there, including Sean O’Pry, David Gandy & Alex Lundqvist, who have established a well-known celebrity modelling status worldwide. Many new faces are still in their search of how to get into male modelling.

Male modelling has become an increasingly desirable form of work. However, there is no age limit to become a male model in the UK and elsewhere. Most aspiring models are searching for guidance to be a male model at the age of below 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 30 and above. Male modelling is a broad prospective career to be pursued. According to research, many new faces have the dilemma of how to start a modelling career for a male to become a fashion model, plus-size male model, hand model, runway model or to enter into other popular niches of modelling and are looking for a definitive model talent management in the UK.

Carry on reading below to see how to become a male model and if you have what it takes to start a male modelling career.

Requirements to Become a Male Model UK

Male modelling does have some basic requirements which top modelling companies look for. These are:

  • Height – 5’11-6’3
  • Waist – 29-32 inches
  • Chest – 39-40 inches
  • Skin Care – Often, male fashion models need a grooming routine to keep their skin in excellent condition. Wear sunscreen to avoid harmful UV rays that might have a bad effect on your skin, keep your face hydrated according to your skin type, or take advice from a skin specialist, apply moisturiser to your face and practise cleansing your skin twice a day, consume vitamins to get a natural glow.
  • Hair Care – Well maintained and neatly trimmed. Beards should be in proper shape to get the best out of the photoshoot. It is advisable not to use hair shampoo on a daily basis; use professionals recommended hair shampoo according to your hair type to keep the natural balance of your hair. For a good effect on your hair, use conditioner after hair shampoo. Use natural oil to moisturise your hair. However, models looking for their answers as to how to become a male underwear model, here’s a tip for you - keep your chests shaved according to the requirements of the casting agency in the UK. However it does not fall under necessities as the requirements of casting agencies are different according to their needs.
  • Physique & Diet – Healthy diet and regular exercise to keep toned. Consume low-fat meals enriched with protein. Fitness modelling is one of the popular modelling niches, and many aspiring models look for how to become a male fitness model in the UK and elsewhere. There is no definitive guide to this. All you have to do is eat healthily and exercise regularly to keep your body toned.

Different Types of Male Modelling

With modelling, many different types cover various areas and don’t necessarily follow the above requirements. This guide on how to become a male fashion model, plus-size model or runway model will provide you with the range of modelling available and how do you become a professional male model. In addition, get to know the essential criteria you need to excel in that area in the UK and globally.

High Fashion Models

These types of male models are mainly needed for the runway. If you are unsettled on your opinion of know-how to become a male runway model, here’s a tip for you. Models must be the exact size to fit into the designer's clothes. They are also required to have a good walk for the catwalk.

Commercial Models

Size, height and age are not as necessary for this type of modelling. Commercial models in the UK and elsewhere are used to promote high-street brands through magazines, TV ads and billboards.

Fitness Models

This part fits your query of how to become a male fitness model. These models need to have either a lean, slender body type or a muscular, well-built physique. Fitness models are used in fitness magazines to advertise supplements, clothing or a particular fitness company.

Plus-Sized Model

Male modelling in this category has slowly become more widely recognised in advertisements. Plus-sized models are required to have a minimum chest size of 42 inches.

Body Part Modelling

Aspiring models who want to get the know-how to become a male hand model or want to get into other body parts modelling must be aware that hands and feet models are the most popular body parts needed for modelling. Hand models are explicitly used for watches, jewellery or any hand required products. Feet models are used mainly for advertising footwear. Both hands and feet need to be kept in immaculate condition with no blemishes, bruises or moles.

How to Get Into Modelling As a Male And Get Yourself Into The Limelight in the UK?

Getting into male modelling may seem daunting; however, we have some tips to help you resolve your query of how to start a modelling career for male and tips to stand out and get noticed for modelling jobs.

Build Your Social Media Presence. To start your male modelling career in the UK, you need to build your social media presence. Social media is a free tool that can help you build a portfolio while gaining the public’s attention. It is crucial to get your personality across. Make sure to add images that show off your modelling abilities too.

Get a Professional Photos Taken. While it is not essential, it does help boost your portfolio. High-quality photos show your professionalism as well and something you can hand over to potential jobs. The images need to include close-ups and full-body shots in various clothing to showcase your range of modelling. Your portfolio will help you to get hired by reputable modelling agencies in the UK and beyond.

Get an Agent. If you want to get in-depth training to become a supermodel male, contact an Agent! Agents are there to help you find work for you. Not only does this take the hard work away from you, but they most likely will have better connections to help acquire the best work opportunities out there.

Networking. Use networking as a way to start your modelling career as a male. In the modelling industry, networking is essential. Whether it is on or offline, you can find ways to get your name out there. Sometimes volunteering may be an option, it will most likely be unpaid, but it is an excellent place to start.

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