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a Male Model

Are you thinking about getting into male modelling? Want to know if you can be a successful male model? Or what it takes to really make a splash on the UK's male model industry? Maybe you already have the portfolio but aren’t getting the connections or breakthroughs you deserve being a male model in the UK and elsewhere.

You might have a great look and a unique selling point, but you will need more than to just trade on looks alone to be a male model. It’s a common misnomer that models just ‘look pretty’ and wait around to be discovered. That kind of fairytale really doesn’t happen in real life – we’re sorry to say!

While we can’t guarantee fairytale endings, we CAN guarantee expert support from the male model management team and guidance to help you become a supermodel in categories like plus-size modelling in the UK, fashion male model and more. If you’re passionate about making a career out of modelling for catalogues, catwalks, runway, and more apply with New Idol Models, and we will share with you a wealth of advice and guidance to become a successful male model in the UK. We will also help you get in touch with connections in the UK and elsewhere as well as services that may help you get to where you need to be.

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What Do I Need
To Be a Male Model?

Male modelling is bigger now than ever before. Male models sell products, clothing, accessories, brands and more. What’s more, not all male models are Chippendales – modern brands and clothing lines, even designer labels, are always looking for realistic bodies to help sell their products. However, that isn’t to say you can just walk into a modelling gig.

One of the most common questions our team is asked is, ‘can I become a male model?’ – the answer is yes, but only if you’re willing to put the work in! You need to find your unique look, niche, and USP (unique selling point) being a male model. Once these are clear, your confidence to push your brand will follow. That means applying all the best tricks and techniques in the modelling journey, setting up a fantastic portfolio, approaching agencies and really upping your social media game. If you don’t already have an Instagram account, you may not yet be on route to be a model male that people look up to.

However, all of that can change. After all, one of the best things you can adapt when it comes to working in modelling is your attitude. Keep an open mind. Be willing to accept feedback of all kinds. What’s more, never be afraid to reach out for help, advice, and guidance. To successfully become a plus-size male model, or to become a male fashion model in the UK or a male tattoo model with regular magazine bookings, a helping hand from industry experts should be very welcome indeed. Apply Now!

Become A Model

Become a Male Model

How We Help You Become a Male Model?

Becoming a Male Model UK

Male Models, How to Become a Male model

We’ve been there. Our trusted modelling managers understand that getting into male modelling takes time, effort, and confidence. Not only that, but it can often take knowing the right avenues to take and the best opportunities. When you’re just starting out, knowing the best routes to take isn’t always going to be so easy to be a famous male model in the UK at the age of 30, 40 or at a young age.

Apply with us, and that’s where expertise from New Idol Models will always come in handy. We work with some of the top male models working in the industry all over the world. We’ve helped our clients find all kinds of lucrative opportunities. Apply to be a male model with New Idol Models, and we can help you refine your social output and help you find that killer USP. We will help you with a photoshoot and portfolio support as and where you demand it to become a plus-size, fashion, runway, clothing or catwalk male model in the UK and beyond.

What we don’t offer, as stated, is fairytale promises. Providing you’re willing to work with us and to embody your own brand and look, there are no reasons why you won’t find the biggest and best avenues out there worthy of your time and interest. It’s all about showing that drive, passion, and willingness to constantly push yourself to the next level.

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If you want to apply to become a male fashion model in the UK, a fitness model for Instagram, or a plus-size male model, it is time to reach out to industry experts. We offer more than just a ‘leg up’. We’ll support you no matter where you are in your male modelling journey.

Make sure to get in touch with us to set up a free consultation. Either call us directly at our offices or make a point to apply with our online form for more details. Our male model management experts will then get back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can!

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